Full-stack Web Developer - helping to create digital products that people love.

I’ve been building websites and apps since 2000. My preferred languages are Ruby (Rails w/ Hotwire) and JavaScript (React/Vue.js). I use Tailwind w/ Sass in most projects.

I've worked for, started, and co-founded multiple tech companies: deciding what to build and why, where to invest resources, designing and building full or partial products, and recruiting and managing multi-disciplinary teams.

Always happy to help, just reach out.


🔭 I’m currently working on ... a socially curated RSS feed reader

🌱 I’m currently learning ... applied AI development for product engineering and data science

👯 I’m looking to collaborate on ... B2B SaaS with use cases for LLMs

🤔 I’m looking for help with ... growth tips for building audiences/communities from scratch

💬 Ask me … how my last start-up failed even when everyone said they wanted it (classic!)

⚡ Fun fact: ... I dream about ditching it all and becoming a gardener/carpenter